Our Core Pillars

Social Responsibility For The Underserved Communities

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #1 – Eradicating Poverty and SDG#5 – Gender Equality, we have worked intensely to support the B40 women tailors in Malaysia since 2016. We have supported them with key ongoing initiatives to empower and enhance their income

Women Of Beladin

Since 2016, we have trained Women of Beladin (a small fishing village in Sarawak) sewing and tailoring skills, build the Beladin Fashion Center and source clothing contracts for them. 

IWFCIM Academy

Through the IWFCIM Academy, we have also trained the vulnerable women and girls of the YWCA graduates to prepare themselves with real-life skills for them to transition to either entrepreneurship or join the workforce. We train them in English for Business Communications, Grooming for Success and Basic Customer Service Skills. 


We launched benang.org on 8th March 2021, the first marketplace platform to procure tailoring services and ready to wear apparel sewn by our community of 60 B40 women tailors. Benang.org has empowered our B40 tailors to expand their market reach and enhance their income, as a result of their participation in the vibrant apparel industry. 

We train our B40 community of tailors to enhance their basic entrepreneurship skills as well: 

  • English for Business Communication
  • Grooming for Success
  • Writing in English
  • Writing in Bahasa Malaysia
  • Basic Customer Service
  • Basic Financial Management
  • Basic Problem Solving
  • Adopting a Growth Mindset 

Entrepreneurs And Business Professionals

We strive to provide a common platform for entrepreneurs and business professionals to network, promote their business interests and strike complementary partnerships with each other. We offer several programs:

Global Women’s Trade Summit (GWTS)

The GWTS is the signature event of the IWFCI. It is a 2-day conference for global women entrepreneurs hosted by a Nation Chapter of the IWFCI based on rotation. This is a perfect global platform for our entrepreneurs to expand their network, introduce and promote their business interests and strike relevant partnerships.

IWFCIM Industrry InfoSession

The objective of the Industry InfoSession is to create awareness on the latest trends in industries, technology, business policies and regulatory measures to support our members in embracing change to stay relevant.

IWFCIM Circles Quarterly

The objective of the Circles Quarterly is to provide a platform for our paying members to promote their business interests.

Event for Vertical Industries

Every year we plan to organize events for specific industries. To date, we have had the Retail Industry Forum, Blockchain and Fashion and the Health Wellness and Personal Care.

Support System

The strategic intent of our systemic support system is to provide a conducive environment for our members to engage and discuss specific areas of challenges or obstacles that they face in their entrepreneurial journey. 

The Forum Monthly Circle Dialogue: 

The Forum – wiCOM Circle is a strategic initiative of the IWFCIM positioned as the core support system with the focus of reaching common entrepreneurial solutions through monthly dialogues among its members. We have had 34 dialogues to date. 

International Women’s Day (IWD): 

The IWD is a global signature event for all celebrating the progress of women benchmarked against the Sustainable Development Goal #5 – Gender Equality. We celebrate the IWD every year supporting the global theme as applicable.