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Empowering women entrepreneurs through skills development, market access and funds ALL UNDER ONE ROOF

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To support the development of women in business, despite origin, religion or culture;

Through skillsets development, market access and funds;

To accelerate personal and business growth in a socially responsible manner.


Driving growth through empowering women entrepreneurs to access market and capital

Why PurpleTree?

Gender Investment Gap as depicted by these: eliminate the gap that is dominated by male-led startups, which comprised 91 per cent in Malaysia, according to a 2020 report by the Malaysia Venture Capital & Private Equity Association.

Source: Bernama

According to Fortune, $85 billion in venture capital was invested in startups in 2017, but only 2% of that was invested in companies founded or run by women. If money is opportunistic, why doesn’t it automatically flow towards success?

Source: Globe

Core Functions

Be a central resource of support for women entrepreneurs

Connect women entrepreneurs with funders/ investors in Malaysia, regionally and globally

Provide resource to prepare investment pitch

Provide advisory to create business plans and  financial projections

Provide seed capital from the Purple Tree Funds* (in Phase 2)

The PurpleTree Ecosystem

PurpleTree provides services covering the entire entrepreneurial journey

How do I benefit from PurpleTree?


Must be an IWFCIM member
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Stage of business

Readiness to raise fund

Engaging PurpleTree


Pre-screening is free-of-charge

Other services are based on a case-to-case basis

Members’ discounted rates are applicable

Who governs PurpleTree?

Salwana Ali
President, IWFCIM

Shareen Shariza Binti Dato’ Abdul Ghani
VP, Special Envoy and Stakeholder Relations, IWFCIM
MD, Co – Founder and Director, Sorga Innovation

Elain Lockman
CEO and Co-Founder Ata Plus Sdn. Bhd

Shenola Gonzales
Head – Investment and Fundraising, IWFCIM

Gina Phan
Secretary, IWFCIM
Founder & Managing Consultant
Zinfinity Consulting

Cheng Pei Leng
Treasurer, IWFCIM
Executive Director, New Hope Wealth Management Sdn. Bhd.

Roslinda Ahmad
Strategic Avenue Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.

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