Dr. Shana Yong
I-027-22 shanashien@gmail.com http://www.coolplanet-solutions.com Joined April 4, 2022

Cool Planet Solutions Sdn Bhd



Company Profile

Dr. Shana’s work in promoting sustainability and helping companies to align with global standards is truly admirable. With her expertise and deep knowledge in this field, she is well positioned to lead Cool Planet in its mission to transform SMEs, Leap, ACE, and Main Board to become leaders in ESG and sustainability in the region. By promoting sustainable practices and aligning with global standards, these companies can not only enhance their resilience and competitiveness, but also appeal to investors who prioritise ESG considerations. Cool Planet and Dr. Shana are putting their best efforts to build the quality of these companies and to become the leading exchange for ESG in the region. Our core values : Venture - We increase clients’s profitability, investment returns, economic growth through sustainability initiatives. Advance- we advance our clients to achieve nation and global sustainability goals. Leader - We build leaders through our sustainability training and consulting Unique - we are unique in our sustainability consultancy of how we operate with our close relationship with our clients Empower - we empower our clients to advance their sustainability strategies independently with our long term partnership Solutions - we are the unique sustainability consulting firm to integrate sustainability solutions for our clients