Sharmaine XinHui Kaur
I-050-22 Joined September 17, 2022

EcoGarage Sdn Bhd


Education and Solutions Director

Company Profile

EcoGarage provides a holistic way of teaching and learning about climate change for school students by integrating simple green technologies that will allow the display of circularity to children. This project is named Project EDEN (EDucation for the ENvironment) which will transform schools into community-centric support that aids in sustainable livelihoods. Students will be taught important concepts on sustainability such as greenhouse gas emissions, Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), biodiversity and ecosystems, renewable energies, plastic pollution, and our food and water systems. We use a micro recycling machine and biogas digester to enhance students’ understanding of circularity by treating wastes as resources. Hence, students are required to practice waste segregation at source and data recording. Organic wastes will be inputted into a biogas digester that produces methane gas for cooking and fertiliser for the school’s vegetable patch. Inorganic wastes such as plastics and tin will be sold to recyclers for recycling. We use a hand-holding learning approach where each school will be equipped with mentors to guide them throughout the project. Project EDEN will be sold to corporates as their annual CSR initiative. We provide a fee-for-service for businesses that are keen to implement community-centric green solutions for Malaysia's waste problems. Project EDEN provides funding members with a good brand reputation by advertising their name throughout the project as a catalyst in improving the school community’s climate understanding and sustainable development Project EDEN differentiates itself from a typical environmental education brand by focusing on youth empowerment, providing an ‘out of the box’ learning style by using simple green technologies as a display of circularity. This empowers youth to think sustainably through their active participation in creating a circular economy in their school.